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Traditional feather dusters just push the dust from one surface to another. Well, those days are over. Microfiber grabs on to the dust and doesn’t let it go. This 3 piece dusting kit helps you get to those hard to reach places throughout your home. Top of the cabinets? No problem. Ceiling Fan? No problem. Hi Hat Lighting? No problem. The telescopic pole extends your reach by 78”. Not only can you reach those high places, you can bend and flex the duster heads to fit into those curves and crevices. Two duster heads are included. The 18-inch straight duster can be angled and shaped. Perfect for cleaning ceiling corners or the tops of high furniture and cabinets. The fluffy duster features 5 individual duster fingers that bend and help get into those tough spots. Perfect for ceiling fans and chandeliers. Unlike traditional dusters, the microfiber material can be hand washed and used again and again in your fight against the dust. We all know it’s a never-ending battle, but at least now it’s a little easier.


  • Light Weight Aluminum Multi-Angle Telescopic Pole
  • 18 inch Micro Fiber Flexible Duster Head
  • Micro Fiber Flexible Fluffy Duster with 5 Individual Duster Finger
  • Instruction manual

Dimensions: Approx. 31 x 4 x 3.5 inches
Weight: 1.8 lbs.
Colors Available: Green, Pink or Blue


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